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Tele2 Speedtest

This service is running on a Sun Fire X2100 with a 10GE NIC connected to the Tele2 Swedish core network. The node is located in Stockholm, Sweden. TCP windows have been slightly tweaked to support higher throughput.

We provide a variety of testfiles with different sizes, for your convenience.
100MB   1GB   10GB   50GB   100GB   1000GB
These are sparsefiles and so although they appear to be on disk, they are not limited by disk speed but rather by CPU. Warp9, the server that is currently hosting this service, is able to sustain some 500MB/s (~5Gbps) of throughput.

Sparse files, such as the ones provided here, can be created with something along the lines of:
dd if=/dev/zero of=my_large_file bs=1 count=0 seek=10G


In addition to the files offered here via HTTP, there is also an FTP server setup to serve files, you'll reach it at


If you are interested in performing more in-depth studies and high-performance measurements, please contact bgp4-adm _at_ directly.

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